I'm a contemporary abstract artist working in a variety of media. I follow a spontaneous exploration with my materials as I'm curious to see what relationships are formed through this process. I'm interested in surprises, accidents, mistakes, and imperfections, as these are the places in life where we often learn what we most need to learn, and where our experience is often at its richest. When we can learn to 'let go' into these places and relax from the judgments they so often bring up in us we can begin to notice where beauty and joy exist within them.

My current work is a series of mixed media collages on paper formed by creating large scale expressive paintings which are deconstructed/reconstructed: cut and torn, re-painted painted, cut again, simplified, elaborated, reduced, enlarged, etc. until they are a 'whole of parts and parts of a whole' --layers of meaning in a well explored life.