Why, as adults, are we so often unable to integrate and reconcile experiences that cause us to hide, express, repress, awaken and then retreat, again? Why are we so reluctant to let go? Isn’t this how we grow? What is growth?

Like my paintings and collage, sometimes things work out and sometimes they don’t. Sometimes things are in complete conflict and yet somehow manage to hang together. Issues are often left unresolved. Questions may have no answer. This is the process: to somehow manage to be in the deep end of what is not being seen. It’s here where we experience the creative disordering necessary to use our imagination to see potentiality. Isn’t this growth?

My current works are formed by creating expressive paintings, most of which are deconstructed and then reconstructed. They are cut and re-cut, painted and re-painted, cut again, simplified, elaborated, reduced, and re-introduced. They are portions of an ongoing tale. Each, an artefact within an installation of a growing multi-dimensional environment.